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Kids on Holiday? Make Them a Part of Your Fitness Routine

fitness with kid

Keeping track of a fitness schedule can be difficult even in the best of times, so when something happens to throw off your meticulously planned routine-for example, the kids going on holiday after a few months in school-it can be all too tempting to give it up for a little while and say you'll get back to it later.

But putting things off is the best way to completely destroy a workout routine and to undermine all the hard work that you've done up to that point. It's important to continue eating healthy and exercising, even if it means having to come up with creative options for engaging both yourself and your kids while you get the workout that you need.

When it comes to staying active, one thing parents should always remember is to never underestimate the importance of playtime. Whether it's a trip to the park, the pool or beach, just getting outside of the house and moving is a huge factor in keeping yourself fit. With younger kids, you might look at toys and games suited to their ages and interests, like capture the flag, football, or tag. You can even make up new games.

If you have a little time to spend outside of the house but want to do something a little bit different, you might look into dance and exercise classes in your area that cater to adults as well as kids and teens, so you can work out and get fit together. You might even consider looking for kids only classes in local gyms, so you can hit the equipment while your kids work out.

If you do want to forego the traditional workouts while the kids are around, or you end up stuck in the house, there are still a lot of options available for staying active. One of the most popular video game crazes of the moment are dance games that track your movements and give you scores as you dance along to some of the hottest hits. There are also any number of console games that are focused specifically on fitness games, and you might consider using these in between your children's sessions of Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.

With older kids and teens, it is a good time to introduce them to personal fitness and take them with you on jogs or runs, or to the gym. The best way to decide if this is a good idea for you is to open up a dialogue with them and to see whether or not they are interested in learning more about fitness.

If you choose to act as an enthusiastic guide to your kid in the world of fitness, you may just be surprised to find it a very enjoyable experience, and the fact that you will get the chance to work out as well is no small accomplishment.

In short, the best way to work around having your kids in the house for the holidays is to not work around the kids at all, but to actively engage them in your fitness routine. Not only does it keep you active, but it encourages a healthy lifestyle and behaviours that will last your kids a lifetime.

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